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Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise: Is Shopify A Better Option?

When you are on a quest to find the best eCommerce platform for your business as an enterprise-level company owner, then you will probably come across this search phrase – Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise. It turns out that many enterprise-level owners have the same dilemma and they are wondering which platform they should use for their business venture on the Internet. By getting more information about the basic features of these platforms, you should be able to clear all your dilemmas and make the right decision.

Marketing capabilities

It’s not enough to build an eCommerce website in order to start selling things online. You also have to work on the visibility of your online venture. The best way to do this is to use marketing tools. That’s why you have to assess the marketing capabilities of both platforms. What makes Shopify Plus special is that you can access a wide range of marketing tools directly from the user-friendly dashboard. This is the place where you can generate discount codes, manage Google AdWords campaigns, analyze your current campaigns and more. You can do almost all these things on Magento Enterprise too, but you will need the help of a professional developer.


It would be a huge mistake to opt for an enterprise eCommerce platform that doesn’t take care of Search Engine Optimization. In case you choose a platform like this and you can’t handle SEO elements related to your store, you will notice that people will have a difficult time finding your website. With Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise, you can manage different SEO elements including H1 Headings, meta descriptions, keywords, and few other things. If we compare these two platforms we can freely say that they are equal.


While it’s true that the Internet has become a safer place, it’s also true that the hackers are still here and they are hacking thousands of websites every month. Modern online buyers will not use an eCommerce website unless they are sure that the site is safe. Magento Enterprise and Shopify Plus are PCI Level 1 compliant platforms. The difference here is that Shopify Plus provides this protection automatically. Magento Enterprise users, on the other hand, have to handle some of these things manually.

All in all, these Magento Enterprise and Shopify Plus are great eCommerce platforms, but Shopify Plus is a more flexible and user-friendly solution.

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