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A Short Guide to the Best Enterprise eCommerce Platforms

The number of enterprise eCommerce platforms is increasing gradually in the last few years and that’s not a surprise for those who are involved in this sector. It turns out that more and more enterprise-level businesses want to strengthen their presence on the Internet by using sophisticated platforms that can help them create and run modern eCommerce sites. In this way, they can reach much more potential clients than using just the offline, classic method. With so many solutions out there, it might be difficult for some users to find the right platform and that’s why we have created this list.

  1. Shopify Plus

Shopify started its work as an eCommerce platform in 2004, but the version designed for enterprises was released in 2014. Shopify Plus is a growing platform which attracts more and more users that are already using other eCommerce platforms. This is a proof that Shopify Plus is a great platform. Good American, Bombas, Gymshark and Colourpop are some of the best-known brands that are using Shopify Plus. Thanks to Shopify Plus, you can expect fast loading time of your pages, a fully hosted solution which means that you don’t need IT personnel for maintaining the technical things related to your website, a great selection of applications, fair price and a few other things.

  1. SAP Hybris

SAP bought Hybris in 2013 and ever since then it has become one of the top enterprise-level eCommerce platforms used by business owners all over the world. This is an omni-channel platform that provides access to personalization and customization features that can help you improve your website performance. It’s good to know that SAP Hybris has both a cloud-based version and an on-premise version. It’s a modern, flexible platform that is quite scalable and offers a wide range of tools for sales and marketing.

  1. Oracle Commerce Cloud

Oracle Commerce Cloud features a B2C and B2B version. It represents a simple, yet effective option for those who are interested in growing their business. Most users say that it’s easy to use this platform, but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have all the necessary features. On the contrary, it comes with all the features you might need and more like A/B testing capabilities, marketing tools, SEO etc. After all, that’s why brands like The Vermont Country Store, Laura Ashley, Elaine Turner, Moleskin and Corello have decided to use this enterprise platform.

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